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Find That Why!

Some time ago I started to see everything is always about the WHY? You have to get that! What is your Why??? the real one, not the condensed- use all the trending words mission/vision statements. Wait? You Don't Have One??? Here's an investment tip- Spend some time and find your why... it really cuts the work load. (Yep- you can stop worrying about reach and start focusing on the best customers for your project, business, event). In a recent post online someone was asking for some sourcing ideas for a particular type of company. We had a dollar amount and industry type, so that was a start. In order to offer up the best suggestions possible I asked for the purpose of the campaign. This perso

Thinking Ahead--

No one is going to deny that it's great to be living in the moment. But when you are in business you are often working in the future. The most successful businesses are working at least a season ahead of time; planning promotions, marketing, and making purchases while there's still time to get samples, catch the sales, and really put some thought into a game plan. When your work is done ahead, you don't have to go into crisis mode when a new opportunity crosses your desk, or something changes everything... the late Allen Klein of C-21 Real Estate used to repeat over and over- "Contingencies are our Friends!!" I think of that & try to plan for it. For those of you that haven't made the

Time to Grow!

Current trend word for growth is scaling... trends come and go but good customer service never goes out of style. Unfortunately, no one knows about that customer service or the amazing products and services is they don't know you exist. Scaling can be an increase in goods, services, or our favorite- Brand Awareness!

Think Ahead

Trade shows, Expos, Events are starting. The earlier out you plan your actions the more bang you'll get for your buck. You spend a lot of money and time to get into events. Vendor fees, overtime for reps, display items to attract the attendees... and then almost as an afterthought--a cheap giveaway. Here's why that is a bad strategy. The items that you give are the long lasting impression representing your business. Do you really want to pay for something that will be tossed as soon as that prospect gets home? Here's what you want: Time to get a sample--things can look a lot different in a catalog pic. Items that connect to your product and service--Think dog bowls for pet services, ice

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