Always Be Learning!

SURPRISE!! All Companies Need Customers, and Everybody is in Sales... you might not think so but when you whittle it down, and take away “the reframing” it all comes back to customers and sales...


Standard Retail and Service- Must pay their bills and then make PROFIT!! from the products or services that their company offers to their customers. No surprises in this category. Nonprofit Organizations- Need to have funding to pay for; business space, utilities, staffing, special equipment, office equipment, office supplies., outsourced services and so much more. You might be amazed at the budget items for most nonprofits. This also applies to schools and churches.

Events- Venue, insurance, décor, speakers, entertainment, marketing, signs, handouts, room dividers, sound equipment rentals.

How you get your customers relies on focused action. I’ve said it before,

Without customers your organization or business is merely a warehouse of aging retail items or office supplies. As an Owner, Director, or Manager it is your JOB to put into effect—Marketing Plans that bring those customers to your program, business, or event. It is your JOB to have good and trained people working for the mission. They are your front line; they are your number 1 asset. (Even if, for a little while, those people only consist of YOU).

As an Owner, Director, or Manager it is your JOB to Always Be Learning, staying current and relevant to changing best practices, trends, and new opportunities. Read! Attend Classes- online and in person! Network!—Talk to others and talk to your team!!

Most employees or contractors will make more money than a business owner for quite a while. Be prepared for that! If you want to stay on the front line, you really want a job, not a business. You might have to suck it up and follow someone else’s lead—but, you’ll most likely make more money and have less hours invested to make that money, and surely will take on less risk.

And Again-- no surprises in the first category of--