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Giving Thanks in 2020

With all the challenges we've faced in a year like no other, I just want to say how grateful I am for all the unexpected good things. At the top of the list, my Kids and Grandsons. And next there was so much learning, and so many new people in my life, virtual mostly. There have been huge transformations in GD Branding, and the website, and don't expect that to be over- we will always be Under Construction Moving forward.

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas and wrap up 2020- keep in mind the universe has probably not installed a Google Calendar, things will not be changing overnight. AND- things that we learned in the last crazy year, won't be for nothing. We will continue to meet online, a lot of face-to-face will never come back. That's GOOD- in that change you will have: Less Drive Time- Less Expenses connected to that (less gas, vehicle maintenance, less eating out) AND- More productive time, More Zooms and direct virtual conversations, BETTER COMMUNICATION. There is no going back to "Normal" But if we embrace new reality, we are going to WIN!

Locally, I've became a member of Greater Grays Harbor Inc. Connections and classes have been very helpful. Through them, I met a number of fellow business owners. I also met (Have an accountant now- YAY!) Alysia LaTourette, a Great Mom, (she lets me visit with her daughter), a wonderful coffee mate, and She Knows Her Numbers and Business!!

I have enrolled in the most eclectic learning group- Impact Theory University has been a rich source of cohorts that share learning and life lessons globally (sometimes the Zooming is at the most random hours-lol). If you hear me speaking with a British accent or an Irish brogue, credit my friends from across the pond. We organized- (sort of), GHoodStock, all 3 virtual events featuring local talents, the brainchild of Tiea Vaughn. Enormous fun and an opportunity to get to know some true local talent, and share it with the community.

The list is quite lengthy, but the biggest thing from 2020, we looked those challenges in the face and have met them with courage, tenacity, and a new spirit of audacity. We will never be the same! The World will never be the same! We will continue to forge ahead using the new tools we have. Blessings to my beloved family of blood, and also the ones of my heart. (Sometimes that is a combo deal).

Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL!


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