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Cooking up Fun on Thanksgiving

One of my favorite projects that I have ever done for my family members is to create a cookbook with recipes, stories, and images that recall who made the dish, when and more. I am now venturing out and doing this service for others. I love hearing their history and seeing what dishes they consider iconic for their families. It isn't always the amazing creations but sometimes the easy signature foods that get published. Here are a few Thanksgiving specials. ORDER TODAY!

Be Seen

Having a business is a glorious adventure. But- If you only have great items you have a high probability of becoming a glorious warehouse of great items. If you have wonderful customer experiences and offer the best services in town- you can still fall victim to one-off-day and the power of a person to spread that message--with conviction and passion to a very large audience (thank heavens they aren't targeted). We would all like to believe that we can rely on "WORD-OF-MOUTH" to promote our work. It is the most over rated method of advertising in the market. The one thing you can count on- the low price. Here's why I dismiss word of mouth. SOMEONE ELSE IS SCRIPTING YOUR MESSAGE! Anyone

Events go Better with Themes

WinterFest is in plain sight. I am a member of the South and North Pole committees-what was I thinkin'? First, I believe in Santa and most, I believe in community builders. This event has really brought out the team work in our town. I also believe in contributing- what you like, when you can. If everyone gave like that, the world would be a much improved place. Check out my event work >> HERE. Call me if you want something great for your event.

'Tis the Season to be Grateful

How's that for combining Christmas and Thanksgiving. I think the pendulum is finally swinging back and we are again taking back the Holidays as the separate celebrations they were meant to be- it will take a while to unravel Hallothanksmas. For designers, fall starts a regular diet of: Tums, Aspirin, and Coffee. There are so many last minute projects that all come in just prior to deadlines. In spite of crunch time, most of us still manage to get in a few of our own favorite things. WinterFest is one of mine. WinterFest came to be just last year, it is a community building celebration that spread this year to cover Aberdeen, Washington's Downtown Merchants and Southside's Seaport Landing.

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