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GDebSpeak-- Monday Edition #1 April 13, 2020

Being in front of a camera--not what you signed on for? Nope- we didn't either. Here is our first video. Never stop learning :) In this video we speak about: GHoodStock 2.0 -the sequel. It is in the process of coming together for April 24-25 using everything we learned in the initial GHoodStock weekend (April 4-5). GHoodStock Registration

Appreciation Yard Signs - Easy budget friendly way to thank your essential service providers. Available NOW $14.99 includes delivery in Grays Harbor County.

Graduation Acknowledgement - They've worked hard for this big life event. And someday when they are older it will be a great story for the grandkids.

But right now it SUCKS!!! We can help. We have a lot of great items that can be put in place for those students that are not going to shake hands and take their diplomas.

YARD SIGNS; CAR MAGNETS; CUSTOM FLAGS; BANNERS; WINDOW SIGNS; and all kinds of items to put in a memory box.

Fancy | Plain | Any School | Any Age | We can make it happen!

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