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Creative Warrior Overwhelm

I have to admit, my blog posts have dropped off. I have been experimenting with different social media and a great deal of posting has happened on Linked In- Instagram- of course Facebook, and after telling myself my Social Media had reached the point of Capping (no TikTok for me), very little Pinterest or Twitter . AND THEN THIS HAPPENED--

It is called Clubhouse, and it is a remarkable tool. Lot's of learning, sharing, and community building. So- NO MORE unless I drop something. Clubhouse is audio, you don't even have to brush your hair or get out of your PJ's. Clubhouse is people conversing about every topic under the sun. Some rooms are heavily moderated, some are a free for all. You choose what you want to engage in. My favorite Clubhouse Room is part of my wakeup routine. The Morning Moments Matter Group explores deep topics while your caffeine starts to start you up. It has kind of a revolving door, but it has become a group of friends that I count on to make me think. It starts 5:15am on weekdays, and goes until a tiny bit after 6 most days. We end with a gratitude prompt, and it honestly makes my day. So I am all in with Clubhouse. I have my learning level up as high as I can push! AND you can even use Clubhouse for background noise--there's that... What's one more?? Want to learn more?? CLICK HERE


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