Well, it's about time!

Last weekend ended up being busy, which meant my normal chores of house cleaning and laundry didn’t get done like usual. When working a 40 week outside of the house, and still have what seems like a 40 hour week of home chores between cooking and cleaning and everything else it takes to keep a home functioning, it just seems like there are always things left undone.

So yesterday, as I looked at the pile of laundry that looked more like a mountain I would rather blast with TNT, than the little hill easy to climb that is was on Saturday, I realized I could do it during the week. My hours (with my old job that I have been continuing to do until they hire my replacement) have been cut back to 24 hours/week during this current Covid-19 issue. Wow, I thought! I can get some things done. Well, it’s about time!

Then it donned on me. It IS about time. THAT is exactly what this is about. Then my little light bulb hovering above my head grew a little brighter. I could sew my daughter’s weighted blanket I haven’t had time to do. I could enjoy the sun and mow the yard, maybe together, or maybe separately, because, well, I have the time!

How many times have we heard in our life to enjoy the time you have, because you will never get it back. Or hear people say, “if only there were more hours in the day!” Or listened to the regret people express as someone is passing away, saying “if only I had more time.”

Time is a gift. One not many people get. There are 86,400 seconds in a day or 1440 minutes. In our lives, our day is usually filled with work, and sleep, and a lot of busy work. We now have time. Believe me, I also understand bills, and the stress that goes with realizing our paychecks are going to be short.

But this is about something different. It is about realizing we have been given a gift that not many get. We have been given time. Time to spend with our kids and families. Time to complete tasks that otherwise have been left undone. Time to better ourselves.

So what are you going to do with your time?

Learn something new? Take a class online?

Teach your kids? To cook? To sew? A craft?

Read a book? Oh how I have missed having time to read. To not feel guilty about curling up in a blanket with a good book, and ignoring other things that need done! Yep. That one is going to happen-blanket and all!

Read to and with your kids?

Work in the yard?

Play games?

Plan an exciting event or get together that can happen when it is safe to gather again?

Explore the world? There are some amazing sites offering free virtual tours of museums around the world. What fun!