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People often ask us, especially during these times when Corona Virus has affected All Business--Big & Small, "What can I do to help you?"

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Here are the Top 10 Ways to Support Small Businesses... 1-5 (6-10 coming soon)

1. Take time to connect with a small business.

Maybe they have some New Products & Services and ways to deliver those to you. Call them, check out their websites and social media- send an email. So many ways available to help you do some research. You might be surprised to discover you can support them with purchases you already make.

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2. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook or their Blogs

A lot of what you can do is connected to technology. Without customers coming through the door, many business owners have used the time to take some classes and get more proficient with their tech skills. They are touching up their makeup, putting on a shirt and posting videos- sometimes LIVE!!!!!! Take the opportunity to tune in and ask your questions.

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3. SHARE! the Good Stuff! It's so easy to let everyone and their aunt know when things have not gone so well, but how many times do you start a conversation about how great a product or service was from a small local business? After getting to know Victor- owner of El Tequilero Mexican Restaurant, --First I discovered Fried Ice Cream. Wahoo! But I also learned that Victor is a volunteer Youth Soccer Coach. He is a real stickler for rules and has followed the standards in place for Covid-19 beyond what is required. El Tequilero Mexican Restaurant, is doing curbside pickup and thinking about the fututre (and they have some of the best street tacos! YUMMO!) I Tell my Friends, Share their Posts, Take Friends to Dinner (when we get to phase 3--I'll be doing that again!). Oh- I designed their menus and did their new banner- that is how I got to know them.

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