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Have You Ever Determined??

As business owners, we spend a lot of time working on our businesses. There is an idea floating around that sweat equity is FREE, and can transform your company, organization, event, or project. The Truth-- everyone's time is finite, everyone's sweat can stink!


When you make an investment of time-- make sure it counts.

Defining your ideal, target, audience is HUGE!! We are honestly stunned at how often we discover a client that has NO CLUE what their audience looks like, does for fun, where they work, are single, what age, have kids, watch Hallmark Movies... etc... How often do you find yourself looking for CHEAP, so you can get LOTS? Maybe your company will be participating in a trade show, or a community event and you want to be sure you have enough stuff (aka--junk-- trinkets and trash) for everyone!

HINT #1-- get a couple bags of candy so you have Trick or Treats for Everyone!

HINT #2-- if your people (ideal audience- not the ones that will take your time and never open their wallet) won't be attending, neither should your company.

HINT #3-- keep the real merch under the table and be stingy..

Give Out LESS--Target MORE!

Always Be Marketing- but do it wisely. Wasting Time and Money, doesn't help grow your Business!


Reach out to Graphically Deb to save time, save $'s and get merch that works!

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