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Have You Ever Determined??

As business owners, we spend a lot of time working on our businesses. There is an idea floating around that sweat equity is FREE, and can transform your company, organization, event, or project. The Truth-- everyone's time is finite, everyone's sweat can stink! When you make an investment of time-- make sure it counts. Defining your ideal, target, audience is HUGE!! We are honestly stunned at how often we discover a client that has NO CLUE what their audience looks like, does for fun, where they work, are single, what age, have kids, watch Hallmark Movies... etc... How often do you find yourself looking for CHEAP, so you can get LOTS? Maybe your company will be participating in a trade

It's In the Bag--Part 2

We've been preaching, bags as a great way to bring brand awareness to your company and projects.. and even did a post about it. We discussed how BAGS- get around and can act as billboards for your business, organization, or event.. while at the same time playing a useful role in the owner's life. They often, buy the bag and go forth advertising for YOU!!! Uh-- now do you believe us??? We have a ton of options available. Contact Us Today! sales@graphicallydeb.com


Logos are not branding-- they are a piece of it-- they are a visible mark that instantly triggers a person's thoughts towards your work-- ("instantly" for them-- constant effort on your part with a lot of exposure to your target audience) To work well a logo should be simple, recognizable without reading, good in a single color (black and others). You should have something that works in a square/circle and also horizontal. They don't need to tell the whole story, there are other ways and means to do that. Logos do not have to be static. Look at Google, they play with their logo on a regular basis-- part of their branding. Logos don't have to follow the rules... but if you choose to ignore

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