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Always Be Learning!

SURPRISE!! All Companies Need Customers, and Everybody is in Sales... you might not think so but when you whittle it down, and take away “the reframing” it all comes back to customers and sales... Standard Retail and Service- Must pay their bills and then make PROFIT!! from the products or services that their company offers to their customers. No surprises in this category. Nonprofit Organizations- Need to have funding to pay for; business space, utilities, staffing, special equipment, office equipment, office supplies., outsourced services and so much more. You might be amazed at the budget items for most nonprofits. This also applies to schools and churches. Events- Venue, insurance,

Social Media

One of the 2020 Graphically Deb resolutions is--To learn to effectively use Instagram. I hear about it all the time, seems to be the cool alternative to Facebook.. but really have no idea the point of it, or how to really USE IT! Something Learned! Some businesses use Instagram in the same manner as a personal communication platform. Others put together posts that are more of a true ad. Seems that there is something to be said for doing some of both. At its most basic, Instagram is a social networking platform, program or app made for sharing photos and videos primarily from a mobile device. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news

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