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This is Forever!

As a designer I've witnessed some very wrong designs... you can see there was thought, good color choices, etc. Have you ever seen a Facebook post that is a jumble of consonants, it usually ends with you are one out of a bazillion that can read it. Not true, a lot of great minds work alike. In the designer biz, we talk about how something reads. It is part of our culture and unique language that makes so many non-designers decide never to converse with us. *IMPORTANT* So-- if you decide to try a DIY design project- poster, sign etc.- or you get a proof to approve. Be sure to put it up before going to print. Distance yourself both time-wise and physical proximity. Leave your design open o


Banners are Big Statement Pieces- they are mobile and can be used inside or out in the weather. They can be pretty much any size at all. They are mobile, they can be designed for many years of use. Banners are great marketing pieces! Banners have always been a leading favorite in goods & services offered at Graphically Deb. This year has truly been a Banner Year! A deal was struck a new partnership has been forged with an outstanding established company. Our banners are printed in the U.S by a small business that specializes in full color banners, large window decals, and rigid signs. What does that mean to you? FASTER TURN AROUND! not only is the new production office closer to home, but

Being a Know-It-All!

Here's some insight- Being a Know-It-All is not necessarily a bad thing. At this point clear your vision of the obnoxious face in your mind's eye-- not talking about the old guy that believes his time on earth has magically dispersed an over-generous amount of knowledge in every field on God's Green Earth, maybe even beyond. Now, think of someone that has a special interest in an exclusive field, a passion for a particular cause, and has engaged those interests using aggressive learning, active participation, combined with a good dose of experience. They have developed, through successes and failures, a broad understanding of all parts of business, not just the stuff on display. Everyon

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