Give your customers something to remember. While it's nice to have a pretty logo, it's critical to have it Work for You and your Business! A logo should help your customer remember you in every stage of the buying process (even non-profits are selling a cause, so don't get wierded out about my view of you as a salesperson).  Your logo should work in horizontal, or vertical space-or have 2 versions. Your logo should work well in black-and-white. Many times you won't get a choice-- either your budget won't stretch or the option isn't there. Be sure your designer shows you both versions before you select your design.


Fancy Fonts often play a key role in logo design. You probably won't have that font on your computer, so make sure you know its name or find where you can purchase it.  Designers pay to license their use so they are not going to hand it over. More likely you will get an outlined version that all printers can use.         


We work together to find a style to create an image that works for your project. 
Your final Logo folder comes with PDF, JPG, PNG file versions of your design in both color and black & white. There will be selections for web or print included. They will be labeled so you know which one to use.
You will also receive a list of fonts and color codes used for your future projects even if you want to have a DIY project.