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Thinking Ahead--

No one is going to deny that it's great to be living in the moment. But when you are in business you are often working in the future. The most successful businesses are working at least a season ahead of time; planning promotions, marketing, and making purchases while there's still time to get samples, catch the sales, and really put some thought into a game plan. When your work is done ahead, you don't have to go into crisis mode when a new opportunity crosses your desk, or something changes everything... the late Allen Klein of C-21 Real Estate used to repeat over and over- "Contingencies are our Friends!!" I think of that & try to plan for it. For those of you that haven't made the forward thinking shift yet- Graphically Deb still has some amazing ideas for late spring...and of course SUMMER! and WINTER! Contact Deb Blecha or Debbi Jensen today for customized goods and strategic ideas. There are plenty of thought starters in our online store, and please Follow us on Facebook!

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