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If You Have 5 MINUTES to Spare!

The staff at Graphically Deb is as diverse as we can be. We each have interests in many projects and activities with our own unique perspective on how things might work. That is a wonderful Think Tank recipe. It works well for us, and for our customers. One thing we all agree on is -- the importance of Marketing & Advertising.

It's the one thing our customers often push back on. We get it... because marketing and advertising is OUR PASSION, not necessarily the customers.

💥This is IMPORTANT! When you had the first idea that moved you toward building your business, you probably thought about some Great Service that you did, or Products that you loved or built, or Skill that other people needed. There is probably a large investment to get where you are, it costs a lot to get those things into your business space.. perhaps it was Retail Stock Items, maybe you invested in Talent to provide the Services you Know Are Needed, maybe you bought Equipment to Build and Manufacture items for wholesale? What ever it is.. it is part of your Dream but, the most important piece of success is USERS!




Example #1: I just found out, one of my favorite restaurants has a Drive Thru-- for over a year! I had NO IDEA!!

I mentioned staff projects, I am lead admin on a community Facebook Group that has over 6,500 members. The restaurant I mentioned, is in that area. Our Group members; often ask for recommendations, includes drivers for pick up and delivery services, and does not allow members to make negative comments about businesses (there are pretty good standards for a business to be looking for). I often pick up posts I stumble on and share them to that large group of perfectly targeted customers, and share, because I know that the group is always hungry for info about local businesses. But I didn't share this (because I didn't know), and neither did the restaurant. That is a lot of FREE EXPOSURE to a prime audience that takes a very small amount of time and effort. What business doesn't ever have some down time???





The restaurant I am talking about has expressed an uncommon situation in that-- they don't want to grow any further. They are comfortable, making money, and understand that growth will require additional staff, square feet, wait time for customers, and extra food items, which are not shelf stable. If you are in that situation, then don't worry about it. When staff leaves, or a change happens in the market, you can think about it then. For the rest of you, including Graphically Deb...

...I often see people that use the downtime to check their phone, take an extra break, talk sadly about "How Dead it Is!" We encourage you to Use that Downtime!





  • Are there particular times when you need to have more traffic?

  • Unless you have access to magic and a bank filled with money-- don't go for changing the industry norm until you have that norm working for you, i.e. Eating Establishment--lunch and after work should be bursting at the seams, but not likely you are going to be able to build a 2pm rush.

  • Are there items or services that are not moving? When / how, have you promoted your dead stock or unused services?

  • Never??? Well, there's a project.

  • Some??? How can you increase exposure?

  • A Super Lot??? Time for a sale and amp up promotion- You are a Business, not a Warehouse (unless you are a warehousing business) BTW-- sales will sometimes work as exposure for new, or reminder for established, customers to come in, or go to your website.

Do People Come in Announcing that They Didn't Know You Were There??

  • Thank someone, they shared a good experience (wasn't a bad one or the new customer wouldn't be there.

  • Ask this new person, how they learned about you? (Don't say where did you see us, or where did you hear about us--that's leading the witness).

  • Before they leave, thank them and ask what they thought? Did they have anything else they were looking for (skip tired phrases like "Can we help you?, or Did you find everything you were looking for?")

  • Get some input why they didn't know you were there- Might be exactly your Sign!! Did they not see an "OPEN" sign, do you need to update signs, or banners or other things that would make you stand out on the street? Could be another brainstorm session topic.



💥 Did you know? Grays Harbor College has a Small Business Development Center?

💥 Do you know? What a Small Business Development Center is?

Here is information about the WSBDC from Mia Johnstone from the Grays Harbor office:

I am part of the Small Business Development Center. We are a different organization from the SBA but our funding comes from the SBA. I am a source for SBA information.

You can email Mia for more information, or to make an appointment.

Here at the Washington Small Business Development Center, we provide services that can assist with making better, informed business decisions to grow and sustain small-to-medium sized for-profit businesses. We provide confidential, no-cost customized one-on-one business advising, business training and advisor-assisted market intelligence.

Our office can help with

  • Growing an existing business

  • Acquiring funding

  • Starting a new business

  • Organizing finances

  • Marketing and research

  • Targeting new markets

  • And more!



21 Ways to Bring in More Business Entrepreneur Magazine

To Be Continued!!

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