Business as Usual

Realistically, when we finally get through this pandemic-- I believe "as Usual" will be getting a reboot and reset.

Good things that are happening- new partnerships are being forged. We are seeing people step up and reach down to help those behind us, and look up for help from people above us. How we work together-- more tech! In communities of Grays Harbor, we are known to be tech challenged, even tech resistant. I am seeing business and individuals on Facebook that never participated before. Texting, messaging, and email is getting a lot of things done, besides its normal position as a distraction. When we CAN resume Business as Usual-- Will we choose Business as Usual??? Or will we put those tools we are learning right now, into our new tool boxes and use them to their capacity... increasing our abilities, improving our work flow.?

Right now, we are working on some ways to create & curate an online hub

This would allow timely updates- changing hours, events, special sales, and deadlines, and getting out needed info during times of crisis. We could use a hand - if you are a business owner, or avid supporter of a favorite biz, please send the following: Business Name: Website URL: Email: Phone: Street Address: Suite: City: State: Zip: Label/Category (Open, Closed, Take-out Only, Limited Hours/Call Ahead, etc.)

Or Click <<HERE>> We have an open source spreadsheet - so, if you are putting together a list of resources-- businesses / organizations / etc. We would appreciate (REALLY APPRECIATE) you putting the info you collect on the spreadsheet, and sending it back to us. (no Excel knowledge or program needed). In the meantime we are typing business info from Businesses we know and Businesses we love.. It is a great place to start.

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