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Signicaid sandwich frames are the best we've found. Made from heavy-duty plastic in different color options, they will last for years out in the elements. They lay flat for storage,  can be filled with water or sand to keep them standing in heavy winds, & have easy change options available including: reader board inserts, white board inserts, & chalk board inserts. There are many sizes to choose from-- we really love them. This truly is a great price, and where we are purchasing one for our company-- same price same link as we are offering you. 





At Graphically Deb,  our work culture heavily emphasises learning something everyday. Through reading, doing online work, podcasts, attending a class, there are so many ways to learn now.  As much as we love to read... having audio books from Amazon is a brilliant way to change travel time into learning time.  Try it today!  

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Learning is a full time- life time job, and the payoff is incredible.  This might not be what you wanted to hear, but before tuning out , consider this.  If your mind is set to always be learning, you will find it in places they never taught you in formal education.  You can learn from people without teaching degrees, you can learn from observing success and failures (you might be surprised to learn that they are not so clearly defined as you might have believed),  you can even learn playing Dragon Merge on your iPad.  

Open your mind and keep it tuned to a higher degree... 

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The difference between the Deluxe Signicade and the Plastic Signicade (besides $20) :  
  • Deluxe version- a quick change product. Slide your inserts in and out in no time, with no effort.
  • Plastic model- you have to add some way to adhere your signage to the frame. Velcro, double stick tape etc. This will damage double-sided signage (yep, we do double sided signage). Still a great product!

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Yoga at Home

These are vitamins that are personal favorites.  The brands are good quality.  

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