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'Tis the Season to be Grateful

How's that for combining Christmas and Thanksgiving. I think the pendulum is finally swinging back and we are again taking back the Holidays as the separate celebrations they were meant to be- it will take a while to unravel Hallothanksmas. For designers, fall starts a regular diet of: Tums, Aspirin, and Coffee. There are so many last minute projects that all come in just prior to deadlines. In spite of crunch time, most of us still manage to get in a few of our own favorite things. WinterFest is one of mine.

WinterFest came to be just last year, it is a community building celebration that spread this year to cover Aberdeen, Washington's Downtown Merchants and Southside's Seaport Landing. Even as we eek out the last details of this year's event-the planning has started for next year!! Communities are resurfacing, and Small Businesses are regaining their foothold. That right there is a reason to Celebrate and be Thankful.

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