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Having a business is a glorious adventure. But- If you only have great items you have a high probability of becoming a glorious warehouse of great items. If you have wonderful customer experiences and offer the best services in town- you can still fall victim to one-off-day and the power of a person to spread that message--with conviction and passion to a very large audience (thank heavens they aren't targeted). We would all like to believe that we can rely on "WORD-OF-MOUTH" to promote our work. It is the most over rated method of advertising in the market. The one thing you can count on- the low price. Here's why I dismiss word of mouth.

  • SOMEONE ELSE IS SCRIPTING YOUR MESSAGE! Anyone can say anything based on whatever criteria they deem important. AND they will be saying that to an audience that knows and trusts their one sided version. Granted, you will get some good referrals and reviews but that brings me to my next point.

  • YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OF THE FREQUENCY! How often do your conversations veer off to cover your oil changes, or jeweler, or even pharmacy? Was it a bold statement-or just a quick, "that's what I did yesterday"? It does take a while to have that word-of-mouth be effective, glad you have the capital to wait it out.

  • TARGET-WHAT TARGET? When I make branding and marketing decisions, I always keep in mind, "Who is that person that would need or use my stuff?" I'm just not sold that having my message repeated and tweaked by well meaning folks to their kids and parents, is really going to drive the results I need to be successful.

And now my own message to you my chosen ones! Graphically Deb, is a small local business that is making an impact on companies, projects and businesses. I offer services- web or print. I offer products - brochures, window clings or full vinyl window graphics, floor decals, business cards, posters, banners, signs, and lots-lots more. I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU--FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Check out my work and testimonials (a little guided word-of-mouth) at

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