Logos are not branding-- they are a piece of it-- they are a visible mark that instantly triggers a person's thoughts towards your work-- ("instantly" for them-- constant effort on your part with a lot of exposure to your target audience) To work well a logo should be simple, recognizable without reading, good in a single color (black and others). You should have something that works in a square/circle and also horizontal. They don't need to tell the whole story, there are other ways and means to do that.

  • Logos do not have to be static. Look at Google, they play with their logo on a regular basis-- part of their branding.

  • Logos don't have to follow the rules... but if you choose to ignore, step up the exposure they get and they will work.

  • Logos don't have to be pretty... logos are not a piece of art for the living room, they are a component of your vision to make something happen... There are some mighty ugly logos out there that are recognized before you can blink. And that IS their job!



  • "You Deserve a Break Today" & "I'm Lovin It" are TAG LINES

  • "Ronald McDonald" is a mascot

"The Golden Arches" drumroll please- Is The LOGO