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OMGosh!! It's a Creepy Clown Face

One of the things I've learned during my venture into the digital art world, is that when you are focused on a project you can miss the big picture. SO- I will do a design and then, redo, adjust--modify..

My files have names like: FirstDraft, RevisedDraft, RevisedAgain, Final, Final1, Final2, Final3, and eventually FinalFinal. Once I get to FinalFinal, it is all I can do not to share. But I can't share because there's one more step... It is, walk away from the computer and sleep on it. Here is an illustrated example of why.

I was thinking of gifting the City with this clean modern vector image of their old tired logo. This morning after "sleeping on it" I discovered it staring back at me. Hmmmm, well, back to the drawing board.

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