Designing My Life

This morning I'm in my Happy Place! First, I woke up (something that didn't happen for lot of people). Since I am with the fortunate people operating above ground, I brewed coffee and assumed the position--at the computer. Lately- like yesterday, I enrolled in several design courses. Learning has never been easier than in this time of advanced technology- I win again! This is a late-life transition for me. I've always been embarrased and dissapointed in myself that I didn't continue my education beyond highschool, not formally anyway. Currently finding myself between opportunities (current trending jargon for the statement, " I quit my last position") I'm finding it difficult to land a job in the traditional work force. I've identified a couple of choices, 1)-forefit my home and move under a bridge or 2) take this opportunity to pursue my love of learning and develop my skills. The initial terror has subsided (somewhat; on alternate days) and I am settling in on option #2. I love working from home, love my freedom and love my old dog-- freelancing fits in well with those mad passions. What will my outcome be? Probably varied and not at all what I expected. So I am sipping a coffee, just finished a live session with my instructor Marton Perhiniak. (Oh hell yeah!) And next I will get some things crossed off my Sunday to-do list. I don't have Sundays off anymore, and I couldn't be happier.

For all of you green with envy-- Play with your life, Pursue your happiness! and FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!

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