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What We Do


We  look at angles, determine and leverage assets, help build relationships and partnering opportunities. Thinking out of the box to find ways to tell your visual story, GD Reps work as Your Rep to get that story out to your target audience.   


Finding ways to make graphics work, online and in print makes us happy -- it also contributes to your success. Working with branding, consistency, and realistic goals and outcomes should give you a better foundation for planning your growth and sustainability. 

How We Work


We want to know as much as we can about you, your project, and your overall best case outcome. Having that embedded while looking at options and developing designs holds the focus, not just on an attractive piece of work, but a hard-driving asset that will play a role in your success story. 

Our  hearts beat for people like you, who put it all out there to build a dream. 

What We Believe


Marketing is a magic puzzle. Finding the right fit in the right place is a key component to your business model that breaks through the high odds of business mortality in the first few years of operation.  


Marketing and advertising are often neglected necessities for building a successful business model. Our collective experience reveals a formula- Have something people want or need, offer it at a fair price, and DON'T KEEP IT A SECRET!! 


Word of mouth cannot be controlled, not the frequency, not the message. Use it for a supporting role in your marketing plan only, and Stay On Top of It..  Try to stay ahead of any bad talk. 

What's It Mean


We'll  use all of our knowledge and experience in past roles as advertisers-managers-owners- & artists to bring you the most effective, easy, solutions to your marketing goals. 


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