Imagine This!

We have the most amazing job. We  build relationships with you— OUR CUSTOMERS, and them— OUR SUPPLIERS,  finding the perfect combos to satisfy your needs with their cool stuff.

We are constantly learning: What is Safe, What is Good, What Works from those A to A+ suppliers who have been vetted by members of PPAI, the trade organization for COOL STUFF, and other distributors in our industry.  That knowledge is a bonus benefit to your goals. 


We are a local, small business, intending to have a positive impact on— People, Businesses, Organizations, Events & Projects.  No matter what category you are attached to… You must have an audience to be successful.  

We have hundreds of suppliers and decorators working with us to find the best solutions to reach your people!  Acquisition or Retention… We can help!

By the way, we do this specialized work for you, without being on your payroll.  

**Word of Mouth cannot be controlled, not the frequency, not the message.

Use it for a supporting role in your marketing plan.

How We Work.

We  look at angles, determine and leverage assets, help build relationships

and partnering opportunities. Thinking out of the box to find ways to tell your

visual story, GD Reps work as Your Rep to get that story out to your target audience.

Our  hearts beat for people like you, who put it all out there to build a dream. 

What's it Mean?

We'll  use all of our knowledge and experience in past roles as advertisers-managers-owners- & artists to bring you the most effective, easy, solutions to your marketing goals. 

     Graphically Deb               Doing Business in the Pacific Northwest.

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Anytime- any reason.