Creative Warrior Overload

I haven't been on schedule to post on my blog as much as I promised myself. Social Media has been stealing my time. I have amped up learning . And I have been pushing myself as hard as I can-- but as determined as I am, there is also Life. In the last 4 months I have lost 6 friends. Two days ago, on Saturday morning, I put down my best buddy of 13 years. My heart is broken in so many ways. And yet we go on... the one thing I have learned in 2020- continuing through 2021, is how resilient and how determined I can be. I am battling my own physical challenges and this week will include trips to a variety of specialists. I am grateful for friends, for work, and for everything that drives me forward when it feels that the mountain is growing as I climb. So- Take a look at the rebranded WEBSITE- Catch me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,

AND- even though I had hit my cap on Social (no Tik Tok for me) I just signed up for Club House- no matter what, I RECOMMEND this new communication and learning tool!

Info About Club House My best recommendation for overwhelm. Make a list - an exhaustive list of everything you need to do. I find that I often have imagined more on my plate then there actually is. Go over that list- how much are you adding to your To-Do by going beyond perfection, adding time sucking details. How many things on that list are "Like ToDo" rather than "Need ToDo" Cross some things off and get to work. Take on impending deadlines first. You will be surprised just how much you can effectively accomplish.

Mr. Mugs- trying hard to remember that we are all finite beings. I love you so much and am missing you every minute. I know eventually the pain will dull some, but you took a large part of my heart when you left. I hope the trip across Rainbow Bridge was glorious and My Mom greeted you with hugs and ham. Wait for me there.

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