We are Not Pen Pimps!


Pens can work--BUT! (Yep, there's always a but) especially for those of you that are RD personalities (RD=result driven). 

FOCUS on what the pen is supposed to do for you.

  • Is it a necessary part of your customer's experience-(banks are a good example)? Banks go through a lot of pens and are usually looking mostly at price- these pens are not meant to be your ultimate writing tool, they are a convenience...and they do act as cheap SWAG (stuff we all get).  With the right design, even  toss-aways can support your brand. 

  • Is it part of an experience? Ever watch a President sign a bill, there are beautiful pens that are used and given to special recipients as a memento of the occasion. Auto Dealers, Real Estate Agents, even Divorce Attorneys (probably pushing it with the divorce attorney idea)... when the signature is an important conclusion to a BIG DEAL- use an important pen to mark the occasion.  That pen can be a reminder of a large life changing purchase, or service. Those events are not usually a daily occurrence,  use the pen to brand your work. 

Do you have a favorite pen?? What makes it your favorite? Some folks like a specific type of ink, a weight, a finish (or they just like knowing that it isn't going to brand their pocket or purse by bleeding out  for no apparent reason).


Graphically Deb represents several unique pen suppliers that we use for different customers-different needs.  We did the research, so you don't have to.. we supply samples to choose from.. And we will help you with the design if you need that.

But back to the original reason for this post-- We have been told on a few, (well, more than a few) occasions that people think we, OMG--JUST DO PENS!!!  Please!!! We do just about anything you can imagine and sometimes we can blow your imagination out of the water.  Give us a try, we want to work for you. 




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