Find That Why!

Some time ago I started to see everything is always about the WHY? You have to get that! What is your Why??? the real one, not the condensed- use all the trending words mission/vision statements. Wait? You Don't Have One??? Here's an investment tip- Spend some time and find your why... it really cuts the work load. (Yep- you can stop worrying about reach and start focusing on the best customers for your project, business, event). 


In a recent post online someone was asking for some sourcing ideas for a particular type of company. We had a dollar amount and industry type, so that was a start. In order to offer up the best suggestions possible I asked for the purpose of the campaign. This person replied, “There is no purpose. It’s just a giveaway.” ~Peerless Umbrella

Without that purpose you are not investing in your company, you are just burning money. People don't keep trinkets and trash (OK, maybe hoarders do). You want something that is useful, and that will speak to your ideal customer (he or she is probably not the guy standing in line at the fair for a chance to win a temporary tattoo).   Quality customers! That's what we are all looking for! Does it really matter what else you have without the customers? Take it further and take time to find YOUR CUSTOMERS WHY? It's the best customer service you can offer those folks. (If they don't get it- send them to Spin & Win at the Fair). 

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