I work with the best in the industry to get products that people will keep and use.  You want a return on investment, and that equals a PERFECT COMBINATION!


Let me find value-packed, consumer safe, items that won't get tossed. Give me a budget, a deadline, and intended use so I can employ my carefully vetted list of suppliers. Save yourself hours of researching- or paying an employee to do researching.   Let your items sell your business, to the people who wear, use, and display your brand to the world around them. 




Easy Projects at Reasonable Pricing

Check out my growing list of "gigs" on Fiver.  You might just find the perfect custom project or gift at a non-custom price. Yes, I did say "gigs", that's Fiver talk for goods and services. 


Deb, I appreciate how quickly you created my event marketing materials that are easy to read and adapted for print and on-line use. Your work is excellent and pricing is very reasonable. Thank you very much for being an accessible member of my event team! I look forward to working with you on the next project!

Harbor Solar

Aberdeen, WA

You are very creative and professional and the final products were unique and attention-getting. And I can personally testify that you are very good at working with a client whose ego far exceeds his creative capability. Finally, in looking at the samples of various projects you have done for others it is clear that you give the event or business its own unique personality. They draw attention and gain results for your clients.

Jack Durney

Hoquiam, WA

When describing what I was hoping for in a logo/poster for an event I was planning, I did not realize just how much information and data Deb was gleaning from me.  She truly heard EVERY word I said and brought to us a poster that was not only informative but a work of art.  She made the process so simple!  I would certainly call on her again and again for my graphics work.  She is not only talented, but intuitive.  

Barb George

Grays Harbor Brain Injury Support Group, Different Abilities Walk, Roll & Stroll event

I was having a minor crisis due to some issues with my website mobile view. I had a big promotion I was preparing for, and I was worried that the website issues would drastically interfere with my conversion rates. Miraculously, Deb was available that week, and she completely fixed my website before my promotion occurred! She even took the time to explain to me and show me where I'd made the mistake in my DIYing so that I didn't repeat it again. On top of the amazing job Deb did repairing my website, she also designed some great functionality pieces to streamline my visitors' experiences. Deb changed the font to be more visible; she modified the menu so that it had subheadings, which helped minimize page clutter; she streamlined the FAQs section by adding drop-down arrows; and more. I am so grateful for her help and quick turnaround. Great ideas and wonderful execution! Thank you, Deb!

Awesome creativity! To take my wild ideas and make them work was an Olympic Gold Medal. Designs were beyond my wildest dreams and will work to visually enhance our message.

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Need a logo or building a brand? Let's start with some TOMA! I can also explain TOMA!


People do business with people they like and trust. Let's tell your story!

Something tells me it's a good one. 


Already got a design-- we can use that. Need a design-- we can collaborate and build that. 


A background in marketing. Experience running a business, and a keen sense of observation  can help you advance faster and avoid costly errors. 

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Before Starting a Project—
It’s super important that you read what’s below, and fully understand not only the terms and conditions but also their implications before you agree on work with Graphically Deb. Whether you agree to work with us, email us your design brief, or send us your deposit, these all constitutes an agreement to the terms and conditions.


This general policy agreement serves for both print and digital work.


Communication & Turnaround— 

All communication is to be in clear, concise writing via email or social media. We can speak on the phone but please note that as I am based in the US we may not be available to talk during your 9-5 day due to time zones. Together, the client and Graphically Deb will agree upon a reasonable time frame to complete your project. Changes outside this scope are ok but will be charged at $30 per hour and can potentially delay your deadline date. Please double check that the change is needed and please allow plenty of time so we can create the revision and deliver your artwork. Please let us know the modifications needed within 3 business days, failure to do this may cause your project to be put on hold for the next availability.


Urgent Jobs (48 hour turn around)—
Urgent jobs will incur an additional “Priority Ticket” fee of $150 this is to cover the costs or time lost on our other scheduled jobs.


Who Owns What?— 
Graphically Deb retains 100% ownership of all design concepts and any materials used. Once full payment of the agreed fee has been paid, the client is entitled to 100% full ownership of all approved designs. Any purchased, finalized designs produced by Graphically Deb must not be reproduced, adapted or used in any form without written approval (email is fine).

Please note that any unused designs will remain the property of Graphically Deb and may be reused.


Payment Terms and Conditions—
The client agrees to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit of the final quoted amount. Once the down payment has been received, the project can begin. The remaining 50% is payable to Graphically Deb upon completion of the project and before any final files/design work is supplied to the client. Client agrees to pay for any excess work or additions on top of the initial quote cost (which is also payable before any final files/design work is supplied). Wherever possible we will always let you know of increases in the scope of the project outside the original quote amount. Increases could be due to the following… additional work, purchased stock imagery/fonts etc. Any additional modifications (2 included in every project) Graphically Deb will charge $30 per hour. We also have a minimum fee of $20 for any smaller jobs. Any quote given does not include printing. We offer a printing service that is available on request and all prices are dependent on paper selection, and quantity of prints.


If the client changes their mind after agreeing to work with Graphically Deb, or if we haven't heard from the client for 20 consecutive days the project will not continue and will be considered canceled. The deposit is nonrefundable and will be lost. All ownership and copyrights shall be retained by Graphically Deb.


Approval of Artwork— 
It is 100% the sole responsibility of the client to proof and approve all copy before the production of any design or artwork. Time must be taken to approve all artwork and ensure all grammar, spelling, phone numbers, addresses and all other really important information is checked before approving. The client is to inform us of any errors before the final files have been generated. Graphically Deb will not be held responsible for any changes or amendments made after approval of the design. There will be no reprints or amends done at the expense of Graphically Deb.


Print Color Changes— 
Graphically Deb will not be held responsible for any print quality issues that are done externally of Graphically Deb’s printers as Graphically Deb approved printers are correctly calibrated to our computers. This is why we always recommend using our printers as we can monitor the quality during 100% of the print process to ensure what you approved looks like what is printed. There may be some slight color differences from what you see on your screen to the final printed product. This is mainly due to the nature of the CMYK design vs the RGB screen that you use to view the work we send you. It is always good to check a printed proof before the commencement of bulk printing.


We understand that some clients will ask us to produce confidential work. Please inform Graphically Deb in writing if any material or information provided by the client is confidential. This will ensure any printouts will be securely disposed of and no work will be seen by the public or any client of Graphically Deb.


By signing your agreement, you are stating that you understand, accept and are authorized to accept the quote, terms, and conditions in this document.

Show Me What You Got!

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I can work with: ​​​​
  • Illustrator
  • In-Design
  • PhotoShop
  • Word
  • Publisher
  • PowerPoint
  • .jpg
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  • PDF


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